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Ending the Tyranny of the Clock

27. march 2017 monday

When the clock controls life, or: the tyranny of the clock



This blog has been written in a bit more personal tone again, deliberately. To its reading and understanding a small sense of humor is required too. A sort, when one can laugh at himself. The specific jokes of mine are only laughed at most of the time by me I think, and maybe Murphy, who according to his own, to his thinking, superior law says, that if a joke can be unfunny,  it will be so, especially if the me, the Coffeeking wants it to be funny.


Alarm-clock, daily routine, rat race


The end of the clock’s tyranny

Coffeeking - Alarm clock: 1: 0



No need to worry, I smashed the alarm clock under controlled conditions in a professional way, eyes closed, turning away, being careful not have a piece of it snap into my eyes. I had to clean up after the party of course, but it was worth it :)



When the clock controls life


I've had a shorter day at work and could afford the luxury of going to sleep in the afternoon at 2 pm. I think I deserved it. I was so exhausted by this time because I had completed a good part of my daily routine, what I have to do and what I love as well. Did my morning workout plus afternoon workout as well  because I had woken up a bit earlier, before the sharp, hateful voice of the phone alarm clock made me jump out of bed. Had the morning dog walk, went to my workplace, posted my five daily online DXN business ads, completed my daily dose of German lesson on Duolingo. Had lunch while watching a bit from a movie and after eating I became drowsy like a big baby. My phone was muted, not to let anyone bother me even accidentally. It's like when riding a bike: it is not even turned on as my ’self-time’ is sacred. I had a very good sleep, until I woke up to the feeling that I forgot something. It was in connection with the telephone. I got up, it was 16:37. Mute was all right, because it did not ring, but I forgot to set the alarm to 16: 20.


You may I ask why the hell should I get up at 16: 20, why couldn’t I have slept a bit more. I also asked the same. Every day of my life at 16: 30 is occupied with dog walking. With the one in the afternoon between the one at 6 in the morning and the one at 10 PM in the evening. Great, huh?


Anyway, I had no problem, my dogs are housebroken, they would have signalled me, but there is no need ever, because they know that I take them out. They know I take care of them and look after them. I will not let any of the little spitfire barking pocketdogs hurt them. This part was fine, we went down, they did their little and big business, those that my life have been revolving around for 4 years. I though the weater was oh-so-fine out there. Even when I came home, it was too hot in even a T-shirt and shorts. For half past 4 our good friend Murphy, together with Cunning Spring, thought he will josh me. I almost froze in one of my particularly ’’elegant” T-shirt - shorts – baseball cap collection.


Just to intensify the mood here is a ’weaker’ pic from the winter of 2017… (Sure I was wearing coat-long trousers-wooly cap.)


Winter life of my dogs and I in 2017, Miskolc, Hungary, Europe



The man called Murphy who has a Law ...


It was a special treat  to put on my dog walking gear benumbed in a great rush when I realized I'm late. If my little neat, dependable dogs hold back their business for me sake for 9 hours a day, it is the least I can do that I take them out in time from gratitude. A few times Murphy intervened here too and I could clean up in the room, but I'm glad I got away with a few of these ’accidents’.


It might be a little too personal here, but I have to write it down due to reach full impact.


Life with dogs has a golden rule, that the dogs do their business outside, and the owner inside. As went out a little hastily still benumbed because I had just got up, I certainly did not take the double P (pee-pee), which Terence Hill refered to while playing cards in one of my favorite movies Odds an evens (WC). Never mind, dogs manage to hold it daily for 9 hours indoors, I could just stick it out for half an hour outdoors. I managed so. But I'm in a huge step ahead of my dogs, that while they must only do it outdoors, I can do it indoors and outdoors as well. Fortunately, this in my part means only bush –marking small business (without leg lifting), if the situation comes to it, but that's it. True, there was once when brother Murphy slapped me upside the head, and encouraged me not to be able to hold it till we get home, but I won. Why should he always be right, right? :)


When the medicine -  or the DXN Spirulina – rolls away

(In Hungarian we use the translation of this term to express getting very angry)


Coffeeking - Murphy: 1: 0


Coffeeking (me) defeating Murphy in Mortal Kombat game: Flawless Victory



So everything is funky, we are alive and kicking, cooling weather and clouded sky comes our way for the weekend. At exactly the right time because on weekdays, when I can not go out tor ide my BMX it was all bright and sunny. Murphy would prefer me to ride my bike in bad weatherg - or not at all, if it is raining cats and dogs. Here I tell it to you only in confidence that one of my goals is to cross Murphy as many times as possible. I think it must be done like when he is swagging around with a huge grin on his face after a succeeding in outmanoeuvring my calculations, I smoothly I decide to look for a way how I can make the situation positive. If I can not find such positive thing even to the best of my knowledge, I'll use that situation to motivate me to change it to occur the fewest times possible. For example, When the medicine -  or in my case, the DXN Spirulina – rolls away, I drown my anger, sorrow and frustration into work. Just like now, as I am typing these lines.



Former teacher of many children, former colleague of many teachers


It is no question of any ’’win-win" situation, that the goats can get enough to eat and the cabbage remains too. Just let Murphy think that he wins sometimes. He might win battles, but never the war. I am nicely, steadily going forward towards my goal. Toward my goal, which is to become many children’s forner teacher and many teachers’ former colleague. The reason why former teacher and former colleague, because I'm going to sell mushroom coffee on the net as a full-time job rather than teaching English. This is what I can see perspective in, this is my way out of the current treadmill.



Life begins at 40


I have heard something, that goes: ,, Life begins at 200 kilometers per hour, but no problem if you survive." The day to day or month to month existence must be survived as well, must be gone beyond. Going forward along with the impending job change I am going to be the sponsor of minimum 40 people who want to work. Why 40? I could cite a broadcast of a much-discussed Hungarian talkshow: ’’40, or none? ", but it's a completely different genre. Forty because I say double or nothing. The highest level so far in DXN Ganoderma coffee MLM business is the Crown Ambassador. To achievemen that one must sponsor 20 first-line (direct) Star Diamonds. Only twenty people who want to do DXN Network Marketing business, who wants more from life, whether regarding leisure or financial situation. I aimed at Double Crown Ambassador level. No one has reached it so far, there might be no such name givento this rank as the name Double Crown Ambassador. I advance nicely, I've got the crown, as you can see from my Hungarian website’s logo (Kávékirály stands for Coffeeking) (Here flew a joke again ...). :)



kávékirá is the domain name of my Hungarian DXN website



A little math on basic level about DXN business


Otherwise, if one is math-minded, it can be calculated, for example, if someone wants to achieve this in 5 years, it means to find eight people a year. I think this is absolutely not much. The simple Crown Ambassador level can be achieved in that time, it has happened so far. But the best part is that even a single Star Diamond level’s commission means the multiple of the Hungarian average monthly earnings. I could say monthly fixed earning, but that would not cover reality. I could say fixed in a way that at a Diamond level with a stable customer network, the commission will come when rain or shine, but not fixed in a way that it will be more and more exponentially , as the network continues to grow. I am not turning into a ’’ circle-drawing " marketing plan presentation now, I do not like that anyway, so I do not do it.

I made a few detours here, maybe I have diverted from the subject as well.


The clock's tyranny


This, in my opinion very pertinent, poetic phrase caught my attention in the song of my friend Laci Wiltner’s band, Rivers Run Dry: The Clock's on Tyranny. The lyrics are short and on point:



Standing for hours in queues

So as to be able to pay

To pay for our misery

Our conditions keep us quiet and still

Is there a life that is more bitter than this?

I don't wanna go through this process

I wanna live rather than possess

Don't want the time to consume me

I wanna end the clock's tyranny!



If one did not have to go on with the daily routine bound to time, in addition to this mostly things that are compulsory, for survival, subsistence, paying bills, it would be a much nicer life. There is no greater treasure than freetime. The song ’Shine’ from Rollins Band comes to my mind now:



No such thing as spare time, no such thing as free time
No such thing as down time
All you got is life time... go! 'coz it's hero time, 'coz it's time to shine!



I think a lot of people have been smashed at least one imaginary clock, especially in the morning when it signals in evil ways: outta bed, s**king mask on, up to work. Unfortunately the majority of people living in this treadmill. I like my alarm clock when it wakes me up to the things I like to do. Before my life with dogs I was willing to get up at 4 AM, sometimes even before the alarm went off to be able to go out in a pleasant, cool weather tor ide my ’’a little kid’s bike " to my court. Not to say that I got up always smoothly, but it was such a different feeling to get up for this. Not that I do not like my dogs, but I can take a resting day off as in sport. If I remember correctly anyway, I only took a day to rest in BMX Flatland when the weather was very nasty or in case of snow, ice and  slippery ground.


However this is why I like to get up. I am just sinking deeper into practising this BMX Flatland trick called Crossfoot Megaspin.


Gergely Takács ( performing BMX Flatland trick Crossfoot Megaspin in Miskolc, Hungary



I'm not the sleepy-head type, but ever since I have been living with my dogs in a flat, my bed is one of my favorite places. I am grateful that I have one. One of my dreams is to be able to sleep as long as I want, so that I do not have to get up for anything, the dogs are sleeping happily in the garden. I do not have to get up at breaking dawn to ride Flatland in shade or my court not to be taken. Because there is noone as stupid as me, who come out to play football from 5 o’ clock in the morning there, fortunately.


Those who have reached this part in reading again, might say that: ’’Have it your way, you had to keep dogs in a flat, even three." Whoever says this is right,I discourage everyone to keep dogs at home. True that, I have not started life with them in a flat, but I only suggest dogs to a house with garden after considering well, because a dog is a commitment for 10-15 years. It is not bad for the ’’room-dog", because it is walked more than most hounds live in a family house. The dog owner’s the all-day-long countdown between dogwalks, the laying-aside of anything, the coming-home-from-anywhere, not-going-on vacation-anywhere, or even leaving for a day is what matter.


In a nutshell, that's the reason that I smashed the clock with the hammer. Besides, it was not working, I chose one like that. I do not do unnecessary damage, but once I made an exception  for my friend’s Murphy’s sake. :)

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Teachers choose this coffee business!

27. february 2017 monday

Why I deal besides my teacher’s job with the hated-by-everyone MLM business in my spare time?


A lot of you may ask that ’’who is the idiot who works beside a main job? Not relaxes when he gets home from work, but sacrifices free time to work more? Is he sane at all? "

"Your homework for today is...." :D


Hello, this is me, Gergely Takacs from DXN coffee company at school :)


Why do people work in second jobs?

I think the reasons for having a second job beside working  in a main job can be the following. There are some:

Who work out their sense of vocation:

They are the luckiest. They love what they do, feel about it as a profession. Work is fun for them, almost like a hobby. These people are not money-motivated. What they earn is enough for them.

Who take more jobs too as employees:

They need more money because they do not or only barely make ends meet out of a month's salary.

Who want to get out of the treadmill:

Ones who do not like or hate their jobs: they want to change, and therefore build their own businesses.

Those who do not get enough money to make their dreams come true.

People who have enough money, but have no or just a little free time to spend it.

Those who think of their own and their family's future. They also do not want to base their golden years on a very dubious pension.

Dogs, bicycles, coffee MLM

Then, here is me, who:

Does not hate his job because Hejőkeresztúr Primary School, famous for the Complex Instruction Program (KIP) is a super place in every aspect thinking in terms of teacher’s jobs. However, neither does he earn enough money for what he wants to do, nor does he have enough free time for his hobbies, including cycling. This is because above all he even has to take care of his dogs first too on a daily basis. 3 daily walks are required when someone lives with dogs in a block of flats.

In a nutshell, therefore I make sacrifice on a daily basis now. I do things today that others would not do so that I will be able to do things that others can not do.

I love online networking at DXN because both the company and the products are of value and benefit people.

This is the coffee that helps me get through the day in a cheerful and energetic way:


The coffee that fixed my blood pressure: DXN Ganoderma and Maca healthy coffee specialities

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Preparation and benefits of DXN Roselle Juice with home video

19. february 2017 sunday

Delicious Sudanese Hibiscus healthy drink from DXN Malaysia

Roselle Juice for health conscious people with a sweet tooth 


Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) is a species of Hibiscus native to Sudan. It is a tropical  annual also know as Hibiscus, rosa de Jamaica, rosella, roselle, Rozelle, Rozelle Hemp, Sorrel, Sour-Sour.Jamaican tea flower, Java Jute, Jelly Okra, Jamaican sorrel, Florida Cranberry, Guinea Sorrel, Hibiscus, Indian Sorrel, Natal Sorrel, Nubia tea, Pink Lemonade, Queensland Jelly Plant, karkade (Egyptian hibiscus tea), karkadi, red sorrel, and red tea.



DXN Roselle Juice from organic produced Sudanese Hibiscus calyces



Roselle is a member of the Mallow family. It has five petals and funnel-shaped flower. Roselle seeds, leaves, fruits and roots are used in various foods. Among the parts of Roselle its fleshy red calyces are the most popular.

Its usage is very wide providing a cure for numerous ailments such as common cold, constipation, and weakness. Roselle consumption contributes to healthy pregnancy and  maintaining healthy teeth and gums.According to folk traditions, Roselle drink is a remedy for cancer. It is made by placing red Roselle calyces in water. Jam and jelly is also prepared from Roselle, which is used as food since the 17th century.


Why is DXN Roselle Juice especially healthy?

Fully natural production

DXN company has its own Roselle plantation where there are no preservatives, no coloring and no artificial flavoings are used. DXN's fully organic Roselle plantation is HALAL Certified by JAKIM (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia). (JAKIM (Malaysian Islam Development Department) is the main agency managing Islamic affairs at the Federal level in Malaysia. It is also the secretariat to the National Council for Islamic Affairs Malaysia (MKI).)

Processed in a factory endorsed with ISO 14001 certificate and “Good Manufacturing Practice” (GMP) using exclusive equipment and sophisticated technology.


DXN Roselle HALAL, ISO and GMP certified organic plantation



My own experience with DXN Roselle Juice 


DXN Roselle Juice is one of my favourite healthy drinks due to its yummy sweet taste. (Yes, I still have a sweet tooth and it is not going to change in the future either :) )






I prepare it according to the manual. I add 1 part DXN Roselle Juice to 8 parts of water. It’s colour is very beautifully red in its original package. It turns paler when mixed with water. It can be misleading, but Roselle Juice does not lose anything from its values or taste. I can assure you, that it is very sweet and the 1:8 mixing proportion suggested by DXN company is appropriate. It is another healthy drink from DXN that I could consume by liters along with Cordypine and Morinzhi

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The DXN Spirulina Cereal effect video version one and two plus bonus dab by Gergely Takacs

13. february 2017 monday

Fast food, but a healthy one!

Instant drink made from Spirulina algae powder with cereal


I love the delicacies, I do not deny it. This nutritious healthy drink contains spirulina algae powder and cereal. DXN Spirulina Cereal is an excellent source of nutrients and is very nutritious, not to mention that it is very tasty. I also mix raisins, coconut filings and DXN Cocozhi in it, depending on my mood. It is especially good if one has a couple of sathcets with her at work, because it equals with a meal. Whom has it not occured that he/she left home forgetting the packed lunch for that day in the fridge? DXN Spirulina Cereal comes in handy in case of such emergency!


While I consume DXN Spirulina Cereal and tablets on a regular basis, I do not only live on these products of course. I love eating, I like the taste of fine cuisine. However, if extra kilos/pounds begin to jump up on one’s body, it can not hurt to insert these products into the diet instead of two more slices of bread (just holding the mirror for myself now!)

Which one of the Spirulina Cereal videos do you like better?


I was so lucky to have recorded two videos demonstrating  how to consume DXN Spirulina Cereal. It was not on purpose, though. The first home video I made somehow got copied to a wrong folder on my computer from my smartphone. No wonder I could not find it looking for Spirulina keyword. It was hiding in between the Roselle Juice raw and uncut videos and photos. That video will be edited soon and uploaded to my YouTube channel to My DXN products experience playlist.


This is my first Spirulina Cereal vid with dab at the end :)




The ’dab’ movement at the end is very popular among the children I teach at Béla the Fourth Primary School in Hejőkeresztúr, Hungary. It is fun, we sometimes greet each other with that, so it kinda stuck on me, as you see :)


The second video, slightly different but introducing the same product: DXN Spirulina Cereal




After the first síp from the drink I got a small green moustache from Spirulina, you might recognize it if you take a closer look :)

I am curious, which video you like more and why. Also, feel free to contact me with your questions and remarks.



Done is better than perfect


There is a saying that done is better than perfect. This video too is not perfect along with those I made. You can find them on my YouTube channel and in my DXN coffee blog. (Of course there are professionally edited company videos there too made by adept filmers.)



In my home videos there are grammatical mistakes and word repetitions as well that I only realized after watching the videos for about the third time. Hopefully my work will improve one vid at a time, but perfection and professional videos is not the point here. As it comes to perfection and professionalism, I recommend DXN products.



Life is too short not to drink DXN coffee



You might say I am prejudiced. It might be so. These products work very well for me, they taste delicious and I am completely satisified with my DXN upline, my sponsor and the company management. I think life is too short not to drink DXN coffee ... ;) :)


I only drink quality healthy Ganoderma coffee, because life is too short not to drink DXN coffee.



One more thought at the end: healthy feeding is also important for the body and the mind too. Healthy food, healthy, positive thoughts. I just have to look at my dogs, who always live in the moment, happily, never worried, never boiling revenge. They do not worry anytime at all. They are the greatest teachers of mine. They would never even think of leaving me or messing with me, no matter how many times I have been impatient with them. They quickly step over that sort of thing. Dogs have a healthy, positive-minded nature. Their healthy nutrition is taken care of with DXN products. In addition to daily high-quality dog ​​food my dogs receive DXN Ganoderma and is Spirulina as well.



Beki, Bubu and Mézi dogs having water melon with DXN Ganoderma Reishi Mushroom Powder




My dogs receive DXN Spirulina as a treat



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Eating and dosage of DXN Spirulina, the King of Superfoods

5. february 2017 sunday

My DXN Spirulina portion and conspumption


Spirulina's small and green, and it makes you lean and mean :)



10 tablets is my daily dosage of DXN Spirulina. As you see in the video, I prefer chewing the tablets. Spirulina absorbs faster this way. I think DXN Spirulina is a superfood of delicious taste. Drinking water or DXN drinks like Morinzhi, Roselle or Cordypine after it is recommended. The fluids also help to flush out Spirulina from between my teeth.

You can safely try this at home :)



As this green alga has a tendency to stick between my teeth, I only chew it when I am at home. It might add a Halloween monster look to one’s teeth if chewed, hehe. I suggest swallowing the tablets if one consumes this product at workplace for example.


Along with DXN Ganoderma, Spirulina superfood contains all the essential nutrients for healthy body functions. DXN CEO dr. Lim does not call them food supplements but food. His food supplements are all the other meals he eats like vegetables, rice, fruit. If humans did not like the feeling of eating and the joy of tasing delicious dishes, they could live on these two core products of DXN company: Reishi and Spirulina.


I am always happy to eat DXN Spirulina :)


Due to its small size and extremely high nutritive value, Spirulina is an excellent choice for weight-loss diets as well. In case of such diets it is recommended to take the tablets or Spirulina powder about half an hour before eating with 2 glasses of water. It fills the stomach creating the feeling of satiety. This way less food is needed to satisfy hunger.

Spirulina works the other way too, if one wants to put on more weight. By this I do not mean that it makes one fat. Spirulina, along with Reishi (Lingzhi) mushroom optimizes the body’s functions and overall state, so bodyweight too.

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