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Why should athletes start healthy coffee MLM business?

18. december 2016 sunday

Athletes’ guaranteed favorite coffee business


Cyclists, kayakers, karatekas, basketball players, sports people!

This is for you too!


During the post-university years spent working I realized what a big treasure leisure is. From the point that the treadmill yanked me in, like it or not, I was forced to give up things that were sweet for me. Again not too briefly I tell you what it is like to me.


I used to have a foldabke Csepel Camping bike like this. It was a cool one, I jumped down four-stepping-stone stairs with it :)

I had a green Skolnik bike like this when I was about 8 years old. It was a bit cooler than the bikes at that time mainly rode in villages. 

  Foldable Csepel Camping bike. Source of photo: Russian Skolnik (shoolboy) bike. Source of photo:


I have been cycling ever since my childhood. The spare wheel has been removed from the thick-tyre bike, the Skolnik and the foldable Csepel was replaced by a mountain bike and a BMX. Mountain biking and BMX Flatland became my favorite sports. I try to sit more and more on my bike.

Since I have been working, I can not do sports whenever and as much as I want.

Adding to this come my dogs whom I first and foremost have to take down for a walk three times a day, because we live in a flat. Life brought it this way. We go on my mountain bike, but it's not like alone in the woods. Working as a teacher and the daily three walks with my dogs is like working in four shifts. They should be brought down for a walk first at half past six in the morning. Before this I try to go out to practice on my BMX, if the weather makes it possible. Getting up at half past five at dawn was quite demanding even when I had no dogs. Other times I can not go out: by the time I come home, the court is full of people, in summer the heat is unbearable and in winter it is dark. During winter it is still dark at dawn.


I combined two of my favorite rolling tricks: Hitchhiker to Hang Five to Fakie


The Pareto Principle and my everyday life:

Most of my days are made up of mandatory, forced things


Slowly I realized that somehow I do not nearly spend 80% of my day with what I you really love to do. When I was in high school I practised karate and went kayaking for a couple of years. A good old high school friend of mine has been kayaking ever since. I feel homesick, I want to sit back in the ship again too. Doing this requires even more free time and money. Freetime, which is takeb up by 8 hours of work a day, my day cut into three pieces by the dogwalks and rushing back home. This part will be solved by a house with garden. I will take them out for a walk there too, because garden dogs need it too, contrary to the popular belief. I will certainly never raise the money for a higher-quality house with garden is with primary school English language teaching. In fact, what is even sadder, I will not have more free time either.


Walking my dogs on my bike is better for us all. They get more exercise and I can survive the days not getting dead-tired more than usual. :)

This is me, Gergely Takács on my daily routine riding my mountain bike with my doggie-family :)


The daily dog ​​walking time duration equals exactly a daily workout time duration


The daily 3 dog ​​walks take about one and a half hours of my time. (I won’t enter into more details about having to stop anything I do and having to come home at any time, from anywhere). This totals up to the duration of a nice little workout. It gets me tired too, though differently than the same amount of time spent with intensive sport. A friend of mine says why don’t I go kayaking and training. I get my workout over with at home on the spot with own bodyweight exercises. I feel like going training, of course. There was a time when I went to play basketball between two dog walks. Treading the gas pedal to get home for the afternoon dog-walk, after walking running to workouts. After the workout arriving home dead tired taking down the dogs for a walk in the evening in the dark, cold, rain - it was very exhausting. Not to mention that with this I also took the time from my business. So one can go training in addition to jobs and dog-walks. The one thing is that it is physically exhausting. However, if I do the same thing, the same thing will be the result: the same amount of payment, at best the same amount, if not less free time. As employment relations are being formed recently, one can be pleased even with this too.


Less sports for a while in order to have more time for it later


That sounds quite contradictory. I give up on certain things in the short term to have more time for my mushroom coffee business. In MLM, at the beginning one does a lot of things not getting paid for. Later s/he gets money for things which s/he did not do him/herself. This is where one has the return on invested work: a well-structured network with correctly supported business associates and customers provides the passive income, thus the time freedom as well. Residual income simply has to be imagined as a properly received monthly pension-like amount that one gets even if s/he is not actually working. To do so, however, one has to put the work into it especially in the beginning. Later the work becomes different in nature. If someone decides to have reached a sum which s/he settles with as payment, s/he might as well decide not to actively build the business, because s/he has trained great leaders who work independently requiring only minimal guidance, assistance occasionally.


I love Lake Balaton and kayaking too. Combining them is Heaven on Earth :)

I love Lake Balaton and kayaking too. Combining them is Heaven on Earth :)


Why does networking suit specifically athletes?


Because they have perseverance! Because they think in the long run! The daily, even more regular trainings, the targeted goal, or ’’just" the love for the sport are all huge advantages in the network marketing business as well! Every sport has its initial, major challenges that once are overcome after a level it is easier to develop, workout is more enjoyable, not to mention the results, whether it is a personal goal or a high rank achieved at a championship. For these they are willing to make sacrifices. Getting up early, inserting the session in the agenda. Paying attention to meals, going to parties smarter and less. Being able to say no even if ’the gang is calling’, who may have different goals in life - if they have any at all.


Team game, team sport, team work: we are better together


Who plays a team sport also gets a head start in MLM. Many times, however, at a training one is also forced to play and train with who is not ’’the love of his/her life". It can be very difficult. If such people begin to visit the gym or court who do not take training seriously, it has disruptive influence on everyone.  I've also had to switch a couple of times because of this. In my own MLM business I can afford to deal and work only with people who are sympathetic to me. No need for everyone to work in my network. I'm the coach here, I sort out the members of my world champion dream team. I play point guard in my own NBA Dream Team.


So neither in sports nor in networking business can great results be achieved by lazy people.


Surfing in Hungary, Lake Balaton.

Water sports rulez! I love surfing on the Hungarian Sea, Lake Balaton!


What business opportunities are there?


What can be done instead of working as an employee? Robert Kiyosaki's books helped me to open my eyes. I can honestly recommend Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Cashflow Quadrant books to those whose dreams can not be achieved from employee salaries. According to Kiyosaki, the three best business opportunites are the stock market, real estate and MLM business. After a short course I realized that the stock market is not for me. Investing in a real estate business or starting up an own enterprise requires capital. You can read about the pros and cons of enterprise, job and Multi-Level Marketing business by clicking here.


My experience from a previous MLM / Direct Selling company

I had an MLM attempt at a company that mainly distributes cosmetics.


Getting rewards at a Direct Selling company event

I'll tell you now at the outset that there are people who are successful with this company as well. I made friends with excellent, adorable, precious people by this. The following lines are about me, my experiences. The fact that I did not come up with this company is my fault, I do not blame anyone else. But it was not for me, I found out later. I liked the idea that I can distribute products and liked the colorful catalog as well. The products and the company were excellent, but somehow I could not identify with them 100%.


I felt a bit lost in between the products mainly made for women, mascaras,lipsticks. I found it much more disturbing though, that every 3 weeks my bonus point fell back to zero. What’s more, if I did not qualify, then I lost the level I had already achieved. I could not generate much traffic with the products. A face cream, perfume, deodorant or body wash is enough for several months. No matter that these are daily used items, my customers had not run out of them at a pace that they would have ordered from me from each and every catalog. Because at first I concentrated on selling. Later I had a few people joining me, but also around that time I started to give up that business.



Happy in MLM business: Direct Selling company meeting

MLM is the business of freedom, spiced with lots of fun J


How did I get to know DXN?


My colleague monitored my ’hustling’ for several months. He is sitting beside me in the staff room, and he knew that if the postal cardboard boxes with the products are on my desk, then I could not be far, he-he. Once he noted modestly that he is involved in a MLM company too. It was about some literally unspeakable medicinal mushroom coffee company. The word coffee have lit up my eyes, because I like being a gourmet, but I could not drink coffee because of my high blood pressure. I sipped cheap instant coffee at the Sziget festival, but there were more ’E-letters’ in it than coffee. Fortunately, this excellent coffee, which I was lucky to have tasted by my colleague (by now my sponsor in DXN) is free from harmful additives. I can drink DXN coffee that fixed my high blood pressure problem on an empty stomach too, as it is alkaline: it does not cause heartburn. The company who manufactures it is DXN, It provides an excellent business opportunity, what is more: from the comfort of my home, with superb free websites on the Internet! I certainly can set a great value by this because in the beginning I walked my legs sore dealing with my previous company. At that time teaching in two great schools (Alternatíva School in Sajóecseg and Béla IV Primary school in Hejőkeresztúr) driving from one village to another I trodded a while dealing in my previous MLM business in the less than an hour spare time I had between the two jobs. After finishing teaching my English lessons, I continued to walk aroud the shops and malls in the city delivering the goods and picking up new orders. I made many-many resultless rounds showing the new catalogs and beside taking a lot of my time it was really tiring. 


Compared to this online network marketing opportunity of DXN is the most convenient lodge itself! Of course, here one can meet the prospects in person as well, but we get incredibly powerful online technical support, which multiplies the work efficiency invested in business. I work 90% online and I love it!


What is my purpose with online network marketing business?


My purpose with medicinal mushroom coffee Multi-level marketing business is freedom. Freedom to me means that I do not have to do things I do not want to. I think that's a little beyond ’I can do  whatever I want to."

I manage 100% of my time, I do not let others mismanage it.


In my spare time I want to move a lot, play sports. Streetball, basketball, to bouncy good rap music. I am interested in all kinds of bicycle-related street and extreme sports, I love watching skateboarders, inline skaters too. I'm going to try a lot of things. Mountain bike downhill, Freeride and Cross-country (also called XC nowadays) and BMX Flatland will definitely continue to be part of my life. I am going to keep my good friend Csöpi company riding BMX Street for sure J. I hope he recovers as soon as possible from his injury! I owe him a lot of BMX Flatland tricks, teaching, encouragement during the joint practises at Heroes' Square, Miskolc, Hungary.


Kayaker life, beautiful life.


I will also re-start kayaking. With my kayaker friend we are nostalgic of Berzeviczy-high school times and summers when we had two workouts a day. It was great to go kayaking at Csorba Lake, Miskolc having fun with friends and going to party in the evening. Then everyone got yanked in the rat race ... but there is a way out of the treadmill!


K1 kayak boat for competition parked on pier, River Danube, Csepel, Hungary

My kayaker friend L. Laci’s Sub-Kayak made, custom-painted K1 boat. I'm coming soon! ;)


As a teenager my second home was Lake Csorba. I spent unforgettable days there kayaking with my friends.


Aerial view of Lake Csorba, Miskolc, Hungary

Paradise for kayakers and fishermen: Lake Csorba, Miskolc, Hungary


A lot of movement requires energy too. This is the place for advertising! J

Athletes find also an excellent resource for their increased duty in DXN Ganoderma medicinal mushroom coffee, Spirulina and Cordyceps among others. One can get proof of the many healing benefits of Ganoderma (Reishi,Lingzhi) mushroom, there is a good reason for everyone praising it. You can take a look at DXN products in my webshop by clicking HERE.

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